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Fresh Start!
9 Week Fitness and Nutrition Program

PUMPS 9 Week Program will get you into that shape you desire and give you the energy to show it off! Start 2023 the right way with a detailed fitness and stretching regimen alongside some of the best trainers in the area to build that muscle, while working with our expert certified Nutritionist to create the perfect meal plan for you to burn that fat!


Get Fit

PUMPS 9 Week Fresh Start Program
**$2,500 VALUE FOR $1,500!**
$500 Deposit to Book

9-Week Workout Program
**$1,200 Value**

Includes an assessment and 9-week program (Two 30-Minute Sessions Per Week) accompanied by a Personal Trainer.

Stretching Program
**$500 Value**

Includes an assessment and program write-up for Stretching. Will be accompanied by a Personal Trainer once per week for 15 Mins.

9-Week Nutritional Program
**$800 Value**

Includes 9 1-on-1 Sessions with a Certified Nutritionist and a Nutrition Plan to keep you on track.

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