Kick Out The Fat!

Smooth the body’s curves and contours, with cavitation, to liquefy fat stores, and rupture fat cells. Liquified fat is eliminated through the lymphatic system. Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) encourages the elimination of liquified fat. For best results, use this treatment as a part of an overall healthy lifestyle. MLD treatments will enhance the results. Nutritional advice is recommended, to help reduce food-related inflammation. Please consult with your doctor, before starting any weight loss program. Cavitation is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women (no safety testing), people with gall stones, people with pacemakers or metal implants, or anyone that has been advised to avoid ultrasound therapies.



Focused Treatment - $150 per 30 Mins


Full Body Treatment - $250 Per Hour


Series Discount (3 Sessions)

$300 - Focused Treatment

$600 - Full Body Treatment


Shannon Waid

LMT and Registered Facial Specialist